Transport for London Incident Management System

Product Design, 2023.

Transport for London Incident Management System

My role:

I was a senior designer on the project and was responsible for wireframing, designing and testing important features like incident creation, event scheduling, map search and filtering. I was also part of an Agile scrum team and responsible for developing IA structure and requirements and advocating for human-centred design.

The aim of the project was to create a web application that allows the TfL Control Centre to triage and manage road network incidents. It was designed to integrate lots of data sources into one map-based interface, providing a common view.

We started every feature by understanding the user and seeking to solve ‘the whole problem’. It would have been easy to simply take the features of the existing legacy software and redesign them into our application, but it was really important for us to understand exactly what the user wanted to do, not just what the technology offered.

I do not yet have permission to showcase the project design publicly. I am currently looking for a job, so please contact me if you’d like a call where I can walk you through the work and give you a better idea of the ideas, process and decision-making.

What was the outcome?

The project has been a huge success, both for the client and the general public.

  • Ensures a faster response to incidents, improving London’s public safety and transport network performance.
  • Improves collaborative working and helps prioritise sustainable transport methods.
  • Helps align the control centre with the Healthy Streets model to improve air quality and reduce congestion.
  • Replaces legacy software which was slow, badly designed and poorly supported by modern web browsers.

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