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UI/UX Design, 2020. Find it here:

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My role:

Our target was to create an easy-to-use, friendly and helpful blog that users would enjoy coming back to again and again. I worked with the brand to produce detailed wireframes of their new blog, and then produced desktop and mobile designs through a few rounds of iterations. I then worked directly with the development team to integrate into the website and test the new code.

As part of a general project to help our business units reach a wider audience, the decision was taken to build a blog and add it on to the relatively new Savers website.

I worked to produce a basic layout that was easy to follow and gave lots of space to the two key things – written content and products. The team at the brand wanted to make sure that users understood the value proposition at Savers and the quality of the range of products they sell. I did this by designing a simple and clear layout, with various product tiles that encouraged customers to buy the featured products. Once that was complete, I worked to produce interactive prototypes in Adobe XD which showed their senior management team how users would be able to navigate the site.

Savers article page mobile

As the blog build neared completion, I provided QA testing support for the dev team via JIRA. I worked directly with them to understand issues, test properly and present them in an easy to use format. When there were issues that affected multiple teams, I worked with those teams to feed back to the developers and the brand.

Savers blog mobile more detail

What was the outcome?

Internal testing with WhatUsersDo proved fruitful, with some key insights around issues like the size of headings on mobile and the length of articles. I worked to adapt those elements and then retested to see if user sentiment improved, and there was a noticeable improvement in engagement and dwell time. I then continued to review the performance of the site and worked with other teams to take a holistic approach so that all areas were considered for improvement if the opportunity arose.

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