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  • Born in Ipswich, Suffolk.
  • Took art by accident at GCSE, and was saved by my teacher, who introduced me to the world of design.
  • Went to Leeds University and came out with a BA in Graphic Design, and then an MA (Merit) in Design.
  • Worked in a few small design agencies (and a fireplace showroom) before moving to London to seek my fortune in 2013.
  • Got married in June 2019.
Dave Robertson


  • I've been a drummer for about the past 15 years. I've got a Roland kit in the loft that I'm often found in front of.
  • I'm learning to bake and currently trying to master the perfect carrot cake.
  • I've always been interested in tech, and I enjoy building and customizing PCs.
  • I recently purchased a telescope and I'm enjoying working out what parts of the night sky I can see from my back garden.
  • I'm a long-suffering Spurs fan.
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